Cassie Zwart storyboards

Some storyboard panels from Toadcatcher! My clean file is trapped in the abandoned TVA offices but I grabbed a couple shots from the animatic. What a fun episode!! Source
and some General Yunnan doodles & margin drawings! It’s a miracle I wasn’t chased out of the building for all the JoJo references – Source
Some rough sketches from when I started on Marcy at the Gates! It was fun to explore little expressions and ideas before diving into the final boards. I looked at a lot of pictures of Italy during this episode lol #AmphibiaSource
Catching up by the fountain! @JennerallyJenn
thought it might be cute if Anne and Marcy played with the statues. I added puns.
Tomorrow on #Amphibia! Sprig goes to college??? and I relive all my memories of midterms and campus frisbee – Source
Animatic v Color: General Yunnan crosses swords with Sasha & Grime in this dynamic “Toadcatcher” fight boarded by @lunchbagmonster
— She’s so talented! Animatic by Yoonah Yim, color edit by me. New AMPHIBIA Sat. on @DisneyChannel
Some storyboards from A Day at the Aquarium, boarded by me and @GreyAnnis, directed by @JoetheJohnston, written by @g_love39! Hope you all had your giant tissues handy #Amphibia Source
Bonus: a joke about Anne’s shoe that didn’t make it in and story time with King AndriasSource

Andrew Applegate works for “Flood, Sweat, and Tears”

The first episode of #amphibia that I worked on aired this week! @Cheyenne_Curtis
and me boarded the ep “Flood, Sweat, and Tears” together and like her I wanted to share some of my own boards! @DisneyTVA
Here’s a few more comparisons from the monster encounter that I boarded! All the artists that went into taking these shots from boards to the actual finished product did such an amazing job. Stay tuned for more Amphibia!!Source
and as a special treat I wanted to include some of my first rough pass boards cuz woo boy, they’re a doozy. please enjoy the weirdest i’ve ever drawn these bad boysSource

Nate Maurer storyboards and fanarts

Hey speaking of tonight’s eps of #Amphibia – “A Night at the Inn” was such a blast to work on. @meowmarukat and @kyler_spears‘s board is AMAZING and I was lucky enough to add a couple little touches to it. And holy christ look how incredible the BG team made everything look. DAMNSource
couple more. again I cannot stress enough just how much the art team Crushed It. this show is very pretty, folks #Amphibia Source
also while combing thru the storyboard file for these shots I was pleasantly surprised to see a dear old friend had survived the scrutiny of the qc process LOLSource
in mere minutes #AMPHIBIA is back with TRUCK STOP POLLY
Written by Gloria Shen
Boarded by @OldLadyBoats and me
Directed by @JoetheJohnston
the worlds of #Amphibia and #GravityFalls collide in WAX MUSEUM
written by @jenavamie
boards by @OldLadyBoats and myself
masterfully directed by @JennerallyJenn
HUGE help from revisionists Alexa, Char, Caitlin, and Mike
and guest starring @_AlexHirsch
Animatic v Color: Love the Roc battle in this scene from “Truck Stop Polly”, boarded with energy by always enthusiastic @nate_maurer. Animatic & color edit by me. New #Amphibia episode SATURDAY on @DisneyChannel Source
Hope everyone enjoyed tonight’s new eps of #Amphibia 💚
I didn’t have the juice to do a real-deal promo this time around, but I wanted to draw SOMETHING for Scavenger Hunt since it was one of my favorite eps to work on. such a sweet lil story ✨
Written by @AdamColas
Boards by @OldLadyBoats and myself
Directed by the inimitable @kyler_spears
BE THERE. 8:20 PST on Disney Channel. 🐸🐸🐸
More exciting #Amphibia eps coming!!
In the meantime check out this Animatic vs. Color from “Wax Museum”, boarded by
@nate_maurer & edited by Jen Calbi & myself. Anne & the Plantars meet The Curator (voiced by @_AlexHirsch), who seems vaguely familiar… 🤔🌲🌲 🔎