Designs, poses, reference sheets and early concepts by Joe Sparrow

here was the drawing i did for LRT by the way! storyboard image I was given in the top right. i think goofy Anne faces are some of my favourite things to draw (right after cool monsters!!) Source
Scorpaleo design and some special poses (and even a bit of early exploration😮) from Amphibia S2E4! this was a really fun one to figure out, esp. how the split jaw should work. – Source
some of my designs & a special pose from the latest Amphibia episode, A Caravan Named Desire! I think I can lay claim to the idea of making Renee’s thugs Desert Rain Frogs, that noble species immortalised in this BBC footage:
now that Amphibia Episode 4 is out I can post some designs & poses I drew for your new fave character and mine, the newt General Yunnan! including what i think is the first doodle of her in proto-form back when I was doing exploration for Season 2.Source
woooooo Marcy! here’s some of her designs (plus 2 special poses) I drew for the latest Amphibia episode. enjoy! I did a lot of development stuff on Marcy’s design early on – maybe I’ll post some of it sometime!Source
just realised those pose drawings actually have the wrong version of her lil’ gacha keychain as a necklace 😂 whoops. it’s supposed to be the little marshmallow guy, and it hangs off her satchel.Source
prompted by @Radrappy, here’s some exploration I did for Marcy! the first pic is stuff I did in S2 development when we had a pretty good idea of what her character was. the other two are sorta provisional designs from waaay back before season 1! still a big fan of the moth motif.Source (of the images)
(I say “provisional” because as far as I know Marcy wasn’t intended to be on screen much in Season 1 – outside of the show intro and Anne’s photo.)Source (commentary)
also these are fun to look at because they show off both my “super clean finished character sheet” art and my “oh god how do i draw this character” early sketches. also for the record some of these drawings are YEARS apart. time is a hell of a thing!Source (commentary)
I meant to post some of my designs from last week’s #Amphibia episode, Swamp & Sensibility! but i forgot. so here they are! enjoy! Source
as a Wally-related bonus, here are some alternate hats we were considering for him in season 1 development! I love my vagabond son.Source
Some designs/poses from last week’s #Amphibia episode, The Plantars Check In! really pleased with that deflated sprig.Source
…and a few more! the sequences with Caffeinated Sprig were so much fun. I’M THE TIME LORD NOWSource
also here’s a Polly in hotel guest towels & robe gettin COMFYSource
yep, that was me! I’m not sure who did the board it was based on, but it’s a gorgeous painterly one. our boards are normally just b&w so seeing that sunset in colour really helped sell the moment I think.Source
been a while since I posted any #Amphibia designs! had tons of fun designing these monstrous creatures for yesterday’s Halloween episode. leaving out a certain creature’s second form as i think it’s quite a shocking reveal in the episode!Source
also got to design some… human…sonas?? for some of the frogs! which was nice. I think Maddie’s is my favourite Source