Andrew Applegate works for “Flood, Sweat, and Tears”

The first episode of #amphibia that I worked on aired this week! @Cheyenne_Curtis
and me boarded the ep “Flood, Sweat, and Tears” together and like her I wanted to share some of my own boards! @DisneyTVA
Here’s a few more comparisons from the monster encounter that I boarded! All the artists that went into taking these shots from boards to the actual finished product did such an amazing job. Stay tuned for more Amphibia!!Source
and as a special treat I wanted to include some of my first rough pass boards cuz woo boy, they’re a doozy. please enjoy the weirdest i’ve ever drawn these bad boysSource

Andrew Applegate works for “Anne Theft Auto”

Another #amphibia ep of mine aired this week, “Anne theft auto”! Bessie is still one of my fave characters! I also had a great time drawing things in her manual that in the end got cut for the flashback sequences. I’m still super happy with the drawings so i wanted to share em!Source

some more pages detailing how Bessie’s singing saved Hop Pops life.I tried to make these as diagram-y as possible to fit with the lore of the book which was that it had “no pictures” but they ended up being too interesting for what was supposed to be a very dry boring manual hahaSource

Marcy week crew art

Alexander Wanson – Source
Caitlin Rose Boyle – Source
Andy Garner-Flexner – Source
Cassie Zwart – Source
Andy Garner-Flexner – Source
Nate Maurer – Source
Inbal Breda – Source
Andrew Applegate – Source
Joe Johnston – Source
Alexander Wanson – Source
Forosha Coutere – Source

They are technically fanarts but they are made by crew members and they are of such quality they deserve to be saved in this blog.