PSA: Pending of update

Hello, I just wanted to give a PSA about some posts being oudated, posts like Cassie Zwart, Jon Sparrow, Nate Maurer, between others. I will updated them when season 2 ends so all of the season 2 content is there. If i updae it now i might have to update it again soon and it would require more effort.

I also want to make an overhaul to all the posts and each posts to be about all the content from a certain artist, and if needed multiple posts from that artist if they have a lot of contest from them.

So, because of that, sorry if they are incomplete. I got some break from the blog but now I am back and want to keep posting more content here.

Thank you for your attention and patience. Forgive my laziness. And thank my webmaster for being so generous with me when I was lazy.